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Postcard Days, Poems by Jennifer Soule

The poems of Jennifer Soule's Postcard Days are at once rooted and aspirational, reaching for the expansive sky from the grounded earth.

Sample Poems by Jennifer Soule

"Describing herself as 'deeply rooted in the Great Plains/Prairie,' Jennifer Soule grounds us in the geography of her life, from rural to urban, creating verse that crosses memoir with nature writing and history, tragedy and whimsy, paradox and synchronicity. With her poet's eye for details we so often overlook, Soule compresses life events, grand and ordinary, into haiku, forcing us to pause, to imagine, grateful not to have missed the moment this time."-Patricia M. Dwyer, Ph.D, Professor and Writer, Baltimore, Maryland.

"Jennifer Soule's Postcard Days takes us through the wondrous, evocative journeys of a South Dakota girl who blossoms into a well-traveled woman. As she touches down in Baltimore, Washington, DC, West Virginia, the Florida Keys, and Alabama, she sends us haiku-moments captured like postcards. 'Record at once,' she writes, 'or lose forever.'"-Linda Tate, author of Power in the Blood: A Family Narrative

"In Postcard Days poet Jennifer Soule captures soulful moments in profound ways through haiku and haibun. Rooted in the big sky country of the Great Plains, she has learned to appreciate the solitude of snowy winters and the ordinary joy of peonies in June. This collection of poems is inspired by her early years in South Dakota, a move to Eastern cities with their urban poverty and affluence, the quiet pleasures of houseboat living, and finally a return to her roots. These heartfelt poems are choice reading for all seasons."-Wendy Cleveland, author of the poetry collection, Blue Ford.

"In addition to her healing haiku, much of which is free form, poet Jennifer Soule gently blends language with conscience-pricking reminders that not all is as it seems. In 'Jasmine tea/hot scones with thick cream/immigrant waiters,' we become mindful that our little luxuries are often carried to us by those of whom we're often unaware."-- Patricia Taylor Edmisten, Wild Women With Tender Hearts, Peace Corps Writers Award for Poetry and A Longing for Wisdom: One Woman's Conscience and her Church.

ISBN: 978-1625493293, 40 pages

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