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Light & Glory, Poems by Nina Carey Tassi

In Light & Glory, Nina Carey Tassi explores the interplay of light and darkness in human life,probing her deepest memories of love and loss from early childhood to the present, confronting the Divine, asking how to understand adversity and overcome it. She searches ancient Israel for kinship with Biblical prophets, and ranges over history to find spiritual seekers who include medieval Irish monks, a Renaissance sculptor, Puritan churchman, and an American scientist, each striving to break through life’s darkest mysteries to hidden light beyond.

Sample Poems by Nina Tassi

“Tassi’s Light & Glory takes the reader on vivid travels through Ireland, Greece, Italy, Jerusalem, Kazakhstan and Tibet. She makes her worldly wanderings lively and accessible, but seems most at home in the section of poems titled America where the warmth of her poetic spirit shines brightly in poems that reveal a deeply felt emotional life. ‘On First Making Love’ is a poem in which the poet does so well what poetry is best apt for, sharing poignant emotion. Tassi’s humanity blossoms forth. She is a poet who chooses her words with a finely wrought discretion that makes her poetry vivid as well as accessible. This is a book worth reading to travel with Tassi both around the world and deep into the heart.”—Daniela Gioseffi

About Spirit Ascending: “I have just done reading it and am feeling such a glow at the breadth and depth of Nina Tassi’s imagination. Humanity and divinity in her grasp—‘Fulness of being’—she has this gift. And grace to share.”—Alicia Ostriker

ISBN: 978-1625492869, 118 pages

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