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Food for the Journey, Poems by Barry Spacks

Barry Spacks’ Food for the Journey continues the poet’s quest to attend gracefully to the things of this world, both common and unusual, and intuit their larger connections:

On days when it seems the food for the journey
is clay, not bread, and the spirit famished,
as dusk transfigures everything
I pause, near silence: listening.

Sample Poems by Barry Spacks

“I have been following and admiring Barry Spacks’ recent poetry as the separate poems appeared in literary journals. It is wonderful to have this new collection, so that other readers can experience, at once, the pleasure I have found in his work over the years.”—Ted Kooser

“Barry Spacks is the most companionable of poets, speaking to us with an easy wit and an offhand intelligence of what he sees, thinks, or remembers. Though he would never engage in philosophical harangue, what transpires from many of his poems, is a kind of wisdom having to do with release from the importunate self. . . . The genuineness of Spacks’ concern with this theme is reflected everywhere in the blitheness and freedom of his delightful style.”—Richard Wilbur

“I enjoy reading Barry Spacks’ poetry for his attention to real things, real people, real life. He finds ways to know everything—the earth, the air—as miraculous, as beautiful, as playful.”—Maxine Hong Kingston

Barry Spacks, first Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara, California (2005-2007), has published novels, short stories, and ten collections of poems. He has three poetry-reading CDs out and has been teaching literature and writing for years at M.I.T. & UCSB. For more information:

ISBN: 978-1934999202, 80 pages

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