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Don't Sing to Me of Electric Fences by Dave Seter

Don't Sing to Me of Electric Fences by Dave Seter is a collection of lyrical poetry that explores the human desire to breach physical and metaphorical fences. The gray reality of concrete is contrasted with the greener nature rooted within us and sometimes forgotten. Ultimately the collection seeks to translate planet earth's unconditional lessons that give us strength to tear down the very barriers we have built.

Sample Poems by Dave Seter

"In Don't Sing to Me of Electric Fences, Dave Seter enters into philosophical conversation with the seemingly doomed natural world; a conversation conscious of the fact that while we hold agency over nature's fate, nature holds agency over its own survival. Throughout the collection it is the spectacle of nature caught in chance encounters with birds, animals and insects like night herons, bald eagles or a mating pair of Mission blue butterflies that makes the speaker realize that though he seeks answers from nature, those answers will always be written in 'scraps of a letter in a language I didn't understand'. Seter's observations are both scientific and inviting. They visit us like ghosts, helping us see the natural world around us more intimately than we ever could have on our own."-Iris Jamahl Dunkle, author of Interrupted Geographies, Poet Laureate Emerita, Sonoma County

"Dave Seter offers clear, thoughtful poems that delight in so many conscious beings including animals, plants, oceans, and mountains. They embody a careful watchfulness that seeks to uncover inner mechanisms. In these poems animals and landscapes connect through a human lens but also reveal how our human point of view is only one of many perspectives. An ecological treatise that celebrates the natural world, these wonderful poems shepherd us to read with care and compassion for everything around us."-Judy Halebsky, author of Spring and a Thousand Years (Unabridged)

"The title of Seter's captivating collection may remind you of Whitman's 'I Sing the Body Electric' from Leaves of Grass, but where Whitman celebrates the human physical body, Seter's poems, in part, decry the effect humans have had on nature and revel in nature itself. Electricity runs throughout the pages, from 'Open Range,' where the speaker meets a free-range steer in the middle of a road, leading him to ponder electric fences, to 'Homemade Electric Fence,' 'Voltage of the Elusive Night Heron,' 'Electric Blue,' and more. These are poems of place written by a man who is 'strictly a dreamer of clouds and comets,' who brings us along with him where beauty can't 'be owned/only borrowed.'"-Katherine Hastings, author of Shakespeare & Stein Walk Into a Bar, Poet Laureate Emerita, Sonoma County

ISBN 978-1625493835, 122 pages

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