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On Shady Lane, Poems by Christine McKee

cover"Christine McKee immerses us into a world quite different for the fourteen Carusos than that experienced by Beaver and the Cleavers at 211 Pine Street. 'Cream, black-cherry, grape, orange .../Up Jarrett Avenue, orange with its sweet tang was number one./ Making a right onto Abington, grape was gaining ground.' Yes, there was a time when the flavor of soda pop mattered. But On Shady Lane is not an exercise in nostalgia, as much as a testimony to the human spirit. I know of few other books as loving and as fearless ... bearing its losses as well as its joys. Christine McKee honors the world she presents us. What more can we ask of a poet!"-Christopher Bursk

"Christine McKee knows that if 'time heals' 'it also steals.' On Shady Lane reminds us that the memories of lives well lived in a large family become elusive. We are offered a rich world in its very specifics of a time and place where one can share some Ann Page cookies and Gruber's black-cherry soda. Her poems serve up other culinary delicacies and resonate with the joys and hard truths of loving. But let the reader dip into the poems and be nourished by the fourteen Carusos at 205 Shady Lane."-Kelley Jean White

Sample Poems by Christine McKee

Christine McKee writes poetry to level the emotional playing field of life, to exorcise ghosts, and for the sheer pleasure of stringing words together. She strives to make us smile, think, and feel. Her slightly twisted sense of humor occasionally surfaces in her work. A semi-retired administrator, McKee makes time to travel and volunteer. She may be contacted at:

ISBN 978-1625491442, 92 pages

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