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Breathe, Poems by Lisa McIvor

The quietly elegant poems of Lisa McIvor enact what they call for: a breath, a moment.

Sample Poems by Lisa McIvor

"This is a book of clouds, storms, pale memories, murmurs, bones, white stones and emerald fish. On this alter, McIvor places her losses and longings, the passage of time, age, and heartbreaks - her own spirituality and reverence. Breathe puts before us the grace of 'speckled stars…woven through the floors' in sensory language that vibrates with fragility and the unexpected. Challenged to 'Curl inward/brittle as a seed surrendered/to an ocean of air,' the reader breathes and finds this collection wholly fulfilling."-Mary Pacifico Curtis, author of Between Rooms and The White Tree Quartet

ISBN 978-1625493910, 42 pages

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