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Sample Poems by Ann Yu Huang


There were lindens when winter was coming, lindens by the mountain

to which many flowers had blossomed and nourished by the moon that

remained yellow and green.

The flowers flourished and became brighter under the ample dusk near the mountaintop. They needed to come full,

sturdily big with

the power for moonscape- intact from the daylight, to rise

from the woods and into the moony sky.

Delicious and Alien

You supply the house with what you will be fed ineffable meal
without buttered ravioli. your sensible self, more than a teaspoon of hot

sauce, has changed the taste of the desert.


An inundation, the underused bridge stands still near your big house, to which you always felt unsafe.
Fish unsettled from the clear waters amid the foreign city, a burial (of stars) in preemption-the soul that leaves will name the soil delicious.


The pelicans, so agile, are naive

to remain there forever. When you- however late to find the true love- hold a banana's bending stick, still.

You are following a red balloon

from corner to corner. That is the balloon you wanted to follow alongside the others.

There are carnations at every turn, a passage heading to the balloon

from the dimming crowd under the moon.

Your dark suit-

on-the-move and barely visible. Your head tilted up,

hair held loose, forming a knot.

Five months of involuntary encumbrances from my lush pink orchids

between Spanish soaps and Brazilian wax. I can see your heart.

I have seen it finally.

Watch Over You

Hidden from the limelight and darkness-

dragonfly's on your way. Effervescence satisfied at first, a goldfish in its pond.

Penetrating warmth, a kindred space

of happiness? When you embraced me from the tip of my awakening, transcendence.