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The Art He'd Sell for Love, Poems by Dan Carpenter

The stereotype is of the artist giving up love for art; is the opposite also true? Dan Carpenter's The Art He'd Sell for Love explores this provocative question, making art-lovingly-in the process.

Sample Poems by Dan Carpenter

"With Time's footsteps creaking up the stairs toward the bedroom and Eros, remembered or imagined, lurking around the corner, Dan Carpenter's meditations on mortality are as lively as his father's erotic sketches discovered in a basement lockbox and as real as the losses with which he's at least half in love. I squint, at a slight remove, through my bifocals and bow to this clear-eyed poet for 'taking pen to losses the world will little note.'"-Norbert Krapf

"Dan Carpenter's The Art He'd Sell for Love is full of quiet insights and sudden humor that will warm, amuse and enlighten the reader."-Dan Wakefield

"Dan Carpenter's poetic voice is one that vividly describes both the deep darkness of our human dungeons and the small high window through which love, with all its impossibilities and imperfections, enters our lives. A lover of language, beauty, and the hard struggle for peace, Carpenter gives us, in this collection, poems that are brave enough to love even loss itself. These are poems that break through the weak places in the walls we build between us and the world, and then push us back to working, with our gritty hearts, to create real hope."- Liza Hyatt

Dan Carpenter is a freelance writer and former newspaper columnist. His three previous books include More Than I Could See: Poems of Dan Carpenter. He resides in Indianapolis with his wife, Mary.

ISBN: 978-1625491466, 58 pages

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