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Sample Poems by Nick Carbó

El Hijo de Ibn Ben-Yamin

He is the eldest son
of the silver-smith Ibn Ben-Yamin.
I was looking for something to celebrate
my appointment as chief architect
of the new Alcazaba and I walked
into this little shop next to the bath houses.

Our hands only touched briefly
as he slipped a ring with rubies
on my finger. I must design a fountain
for the central patio that murmurs
his name day and night.


This Almeria wind has the strength to scare
even the most sturdy of souls,
viene en carcajadas--comes in fits of laughter,

with the clear intent of diamonds--
a thousand hands banging
every open window of this house.


"...absolve me, even though you are but a stuffed bird."
--Wislawa Szymborska

I am also your grandmother's Hungarian silver broach,
your husband's emboridered handkerchief, your Aunt's

suede purse from Sofia, your cousin's parasol
from Venice, your father's pantaloons from Patagruel,

your sister's tea cup from Delft, your nephew's caw,
your nephew who stole until you turned him into a bird.